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Mercury Filling Replacement

Replacing Metal Fillings With White Fillings


Most of us, unless we are lucky have needed a filling or two in our lifetimes.

For the last 150 years or so, dentists have largely used metal fillings to help plug the progress of tooth decay. These are normally mixtures or amalgams of various metals such as silver and tin mixed with mercury, which is used to make the filling more pliable when it is first inserted into the tooth cavity.

However, in recent years, many people have been moving away from amalgam to what are called white fillings – also known as microseal fillings – that are made from composites such as powdered glass, quatz, and silica.

The Health Issues of Metal Fillings


The problem is that mercury is a hazardous metal and has been linked to disorders such as Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, and kidney and brain damage. The UN has committed itself to reducing the use of mercury around the world, including in dentistry.  While there is one camp that believes amalgam fillings are perfectly safe and that they release such a small amount of mercury vapour as to be negligible, there are others who believe the long term effects have not yet been quantified and are only just coming to light.

The Cosmetic Benefit of White Fillings


Whilst the health aspects of metal fillings are still being debated, there is no doubt that microseal fillings look more natural than their amalgam counterparts.

White fillings look like part of the natural tooth as well as doing the job of plugging a cavity. Many people don’t want to smile or laugh and let the world see a mouthful of silver. Discreet fillings are their preference.

Replacing Metal Fillings With White Fillings


At clinics such as the Alkali Dental Studios in South West London, you can now get microseal fillings which can be inserted whilst preserving the integrity and natural structure of your teeth.

They give your teeth a more natural look and are considered healthier than amalgam fillings.

How Are Microseal Fillings Inserted?


Your dentist will use a nitrile dam around the tooth and under high magnification remove any decay and the metal filling, rinsing the area to disperse any mercury vapour. Once the filling has been taken out it will be replaced with a brand new microseal filling.

These discreet fillings will look more like your natural tooth and will give you a brighter and more confident smile.

How Much Do White Fillings Cost?


White fillings can cost anything from £50 to £250 pounds depending on how many surfaces you need to fill. They are a little more expensive than amalgams, and are not currently available on the NHS, but they are a durable alternative to metal fillings and they look a lot more natural.

Whether you want to remove your existing amalgam fillings and replace them with microseal ones, or you have a tooth that needs a completely new filling, you can visit the Alkali Dental Studios in Putney for a dental examination and get the treatment your smile deserves.


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