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Botox | Wrinkle Reduction

Look younger, feel better, no surgery


Life ages us: smoking, sunbathing, diet can all cause wrinkles but even if we avoid all the environmental aggressors, we’ll still end up with wrinkles because they are a part of the ageing process. And let’s be honest, we all want to enjoy life, not avoid some of its pleasures because they might age us prematurely.

Younger for six months


A younger appearance is now within everybody’s reach. Thanks to the development of Botulinum Toxin (familiarly known as BOTOX®) as an anti-ageing treatment, non-surgical wrinkle reduction is readily available for dynamic wrinkles; the ones that appear as a result of facial movements. This is because the toxin reduces the power of the muscles so that for up to six months they are less apparent or in some cases, the wrinkles disappear for the duration. Alkali Aesthetics specializes in wrinkle reduction treatment, offering effective solutions to maintain a youthful appearance.

The benefits of wrinkle reduction injections


First and foremost, the benefit is looking younger! But that’s not the only advantage to this process:

  • • Speed and simplicity – the entire treatment takes only around fifteen minutes, allowing individuals to look more youthful in their lunch break. There’s no need for an anesthetic and no recovery period. It’s as simple as a haircut. Our treatment area covers Putney and South West London, allowing busy people to fit appointments into their daily life.

  • • Review appointment – the effect of wrinkle reduction injections peaks around 14 days, which is when we review the treatment to ensure the best result possible has been achieved.

  • • Repeat treatments – botulinum toxin is dissipated by the body over time, so this is an entirely reversible treatment. As a result, repeat treatments every 4-6 months allow people to maintain their young look without the commitment of permanent surgical change.

  • • Allergy free – non-surgical wrinkle reduction injections do not cause allergic reactions, unlike collagen to which some people are sensitive.

  • • Universal – the treatment works equally well for men and women (‘Bro-tox’ is the catch-phrase for male wrinkle reduction treatment).


Ideal treatment areas


Botulinum toxin works to reduce wrinkles in three facial areas:

The forehead – horizontal lines on the forehead are a classic sign of ageing. Injections here will smooth out the lines between eyebrows and hairline that can give a prematurely aged impression.

Between the eyebrows – vertical lines between the brows often occur as people mature, and can be in part a response to changes in visual acuity. Often called ‘frown lines’, these harsh wrinkles give an older and often unhappy appearance. Frown lines respond well to botulinum toxin, reducing the effects of facial ageing.


Cost of wrinkle reduction injections


We offer a free consultation to help individuals explore which areas of their face will benefit from wrinkle reduction treatment and costing is based on the number of areas treated:

  • • One area – £195

  • • Two areas – £265

  • • Three areas – £299.

We also have a wrinkle reduction membership to keep your skin smooth all year and enable you to spread the cost.

You get a treatment every 4 months, including a review 2 weeks after the injection

Pay Monthly:

.1 site: £100 then £40/month

.2 sites: £125 then £50/month

.3 sites: £150 then £60/month

Prepay your annual membership and receive 10% off.

Refer a friend for facial rejuvenation treatments and get £50 credit on your Alkali account. Your friend gets £50 off their first visit too!


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