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Hygienest Treatment

From the build up of tartar, plaque, coffee and red wine, having stains on your teeth can be unattractive and unhealthy.  If the tartar or plaque are not taken care of, it could lead to serious conditions like gum diseases. It’s important to get a regular teeth clean about every 3-6 months to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

We offer different options to suit everyone’s needs and budget.


Express Fresh- £45

What is it?

Quick hygienist appointment that includes tartar removal and ultrasonic scaling to improve gum health and freshen breath.

Who is it for?

Ideal for people who want a frequent cleaning. We recommend you to do it every 3 months.


Jet Wash – £65

What is it?

This is the standard hygiene treatment.

Ultrasonic deep cleansing that helps remove plaque and tartar followed by water spray to get rid of stains. It helps to fight cavities, bad breath and mild stains. Included oral cancer screen

Who is it for?

This treatment is designed for people with moderate stain. We recommend you to attend a Jet Wash Hygiene every 3-6 months for an optimal oral health.


High Gloss Polish- £95 

What is it?

Ultrasonic deep cleansing that helps remove plaque and tartar followed by extended jet wash cleaning that helps to get rid of stains perfectly finished with 3 grades of deep fluoride gloss polishing paste for bright and smooth teeth.

Who is it for?

Our strongest hygiene treatment.

For those who need an extensive hygiene option. Suitable for those with stained teeth, who haven’t seen a dentist for a while or simply want a deep cleansing.

This treatment is great for those with cosmetic bonding.


We also offer more extensive hygiene and gum treatments for those with early or severe gum disease.

Gum Protect- £95

Extensive hygiene to fight against early gum disease

Periodontal Desinfect- £125

Those more extensive treatments can be recommended by your dentist when you come for a regular hygiene or a dental examination.


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