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Dental Examinations

Your Health Is Important

Here at Alkali Dental Studios our job is to make sure we explain everything as thoroughly as possible so that you can make the right decisions for yourself. We explain and demonstrate all of your teeth issues using cameras, low radiation digital x-rays and demonstration models.

A dental examination is carried out to assess the current state of your dental health, and to help prevent future problems occurring.

Examinations are taken seriously, whether you are having a routine check up or about to have other treatments at Alkali. Through this, we can prevent tooth decay, nerve problems, bleeding gums and cavities.


Dental/teeth health check

Gum check

Mouth breath

Cancer screening

We advise you to have regular dental examinations every 12 months due to the fact that your eating and living habits i.e. drinking, may have caused changes to your teeth in short time.

X-rays are charged £10 each (we will not charge you for more than two x-rays so the appointment will never cost you more than £50 total)


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