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Smile Makeovers

What is a Smile Makeover?

Many people want to be able to change the appearance of their smile. A smile makeover is a procedure that allows you to totally transform your smile in just a few weeks.

It is suitable for people who have very dark enamel, damaged enamel or teeth with lots of fillings in them, it is generally done for 40 -60yr olds as they benefit the most from having their smile improved.


How is it done?


A smile makeover involves refreshing the aged tooth enamel by adding either a porcelain or ceramic veneer on the surface of the tooth.

Another option is to use a composite veneer or cosmetic bonding to improve the appearance of the tooth.

There would be an initial discussion to understand exactly what you wanted to change, then there would be a comprehensive examination to check the health and steps needed to transform your smile. Photos, X-rays and Models would be taken then create a 3D blueprint of your new smile.

The 3D blueprint would then be reviewed and in many cases it is possible to do a simulation – whereby you can actually see in your own mouth what the new smile would look like. This gives us the opportunity to make any changes and customize the result to ensure you get the result you want.


How many teeth are treated?


Once the blueprint is agreed we can see  how many teeth are to be treated but generally it is 8 or 10 teeth – all the teeth visible in your smile.

To learn more send us a message through the contact form on the left or book a dental examination so we can assess your smile and discuss the different options with you.


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